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IMDB: nm0001431

Allocine: 27810

Rottentomatoes: celebrity/wayne_knight_2

Allmovie: p38826


TV.com: people/wayne-knight

IBDB: 77775

Twitter: iwayneknight

Musicbrainz: 89e4d972-edf9-4b31-84d4-1f5c975cc885

Discogs: 3459001

Wayne Eliot Knight (New York City (New York), 7 de agosto 1955) el xe un ator statunitènse.

Filmografia[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Film[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło
1979 The Wanderers Waiter
1987 Dirty Dancing Stan
1988 Everybody's All-American Fraternity Pisser
1989 Born on the Fourth of July Official #2 – Democratic Convention
1991 V.I. Warshawski Earl 'Bonehead' Smeissen
1991 Dead Again 'Piccolo' Pete Dugan
1991 JFK Numa Bertel
1992 Basic Instinct John Correli
1993 Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry
1995 To Die For Ed Grant
1995 Chameleon Stuart Langston
1996 Space Jam Stan Podolak
1997 Hercules Demetrius the Potmaker (voxe)
1997 For Richer or Poorer Bob Lachmen
1998 The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars Microwave (voxe)
1998 Soundman Tim (voxe)
1999 My Favorite Martian Zoot the Suit (voxe)
1999 Pros & Cons Wayne
1999 Tarzan Tantor (voxe)
1999 Toy Story 2 Al McWhiggin (voxe)
2000 Buzz LightAno of Star Command: The Adventure Begins Emperor Zurg (voxe)
2001 Rat Race Zach Mallozzi
2003 Cheaper by the Dozen Electrician
2004 Black Cloud Mr. Tipping
2005 Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone Thudd (voxe)
2007 Forfeit Bob
2008 Kung Fu Panda Gang Boss (voxe)
2008 Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King The Amazing Krudsky (voxe)
2008 Punisher: War Zone Linus Lieberman / Microchip
2012 She Wants Me Walter Baum
2012 Excuse Me for Living Albert
2014 Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon The Elf Elder (voxe)
2016 Kung Fu Panda 3 Big Fun / Hom-Lee (voxes)
2016 Hail, Caesar! Lurking Extra #1
2018 Blindspotting Patrick
TBA 12 Mighty Orphans Frank Wynn

Tełevixion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło
1982 For Lovers Only Fanàtego de videoxughi
1983 The Day After Omo inte el ospedałe
1984 The Burning Bed Juror
1985 Assaulted Nuts Vari
1988 Tattingers Kenny Axelrod
1990 Mathnet Peter Pickwick
1990 Square One TV Peter Pickwick
1992–1998 Seinfeld Newman
1992 Double Edge Tommy White
1992–1993 The Edge Vari personaji
1992 T Bone N Weasel Roy Kramp
1993 Fallen Angels Leo Cunningham
1993 Against the Grain Froggy Wilson
1993–1994 The Second Half Robert Piccolo
1994 Golden Gate Arthur Genopopoulos
1996–2001 3rd Rock from the Sun Don Orville
1997 Contempt of Court Merill Bushman
1998 Hercules Cyclops Head #2 (voxe)
1998 Toonsylvania Igor (voxe)
2000 Dilbert The Security Guard (voxe)
2000–2001 Buzz LightAno of Star Command Emperor Zurg (voxe)
2001 That '70s Show The Angel
2001 Bleacher Bums Zig
2002 Becker Wally
2002 Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story Walter Ballou
2003 The Twilight Zone Nick Dark
2003–2006 Xiaolin Showdown Dojo (voxe)
2003 Gary the Rat Gary's Rival (voxe)
2003 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Jack O'Lantern (voxe)
2004 I'm with Her Kevin
2004 The Drew Carey Show Owen
2004 Listen Up! Buddy
2005–2007 Catscratch Mr. Blik (voxe)
2005 Justice League Unlimited Abnegazar (voxe)
2006 CSI: NY Truman Bosch
2006 Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Mr. Cantarius (voxe)
2006 How I Met Your Mother Lily's Landlord (voxe, no credità)
2007 Tak and the Power of Juju Bug Juju (voxe)
2009–2012 The Penguins of Madagascar Max (voxe)
2009 Woke Up Dead Andrew Batten
2009 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Mr. Terrence Lombard
2009 Nip/Tuck Don Hoberman
2009–2011 The Super Hero Squad Show Elihas Starr / Egghead (voxe)
2009 Curb Your Enthusiasm eło steso
2010–2011 Hot in Cleveland Rick
2010 The Good Guys Perry Black
2010 The Whole Truth Judge Mark Hulverson
2010 Bones Jimmy Walpert III
2011 Torchwood Brian Friedkin
2011–2012 Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Jong / Jong's Son (voxe)
2011–2015 The Exes Haskell Lutz
2012 Green Lantern: The Animated Series Captain Goray (voxe)
2012 Pound Puppies Ralphie / Construction Worker #1 (voxe)
2013 Regular Show Guardian of the Friend Zone / God of Street Performing (voxe)
2013 American Dad! Overweight Customer Who's Pants Are Caught on Fire (voxe, no credità)
2014 Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Newman
2014 Unforgettable Dr. Theodore Blumer
2015 Sirens Richard
2015 TripTank Greg / Customer (voxe)
2015 Doc McStuffins Viewy Stewie (voxe)
2016 Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh Boovius (voxe)
2016 StartUp Benny Blush
2017 Still the King Dan
2017 Narcos Alan Starkman
2017 The Young and the Restless Irv
2017 Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters Brick (voxe)
2018 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Grigor
2018 Legend of the Three Caballeros Baron Von Sheldgoose (voxe)
2018 The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair Benjamin Roth
2019–20 Harley Quinn Penguin (voxe)
2019 Robot Chicken Nutsy Goldberg (voxe)
2020 Infinity Train Marcel (voxe)

Videoxughi[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Notasion
1999 Toy Story 2 Al McWhiggin
2007 Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots Mr. Blik (voxe) Nintendo DS
2011 Jurassic Park: The Game Dennis Nedry no credità
2011 The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns – Again! Max

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