To Beast or Not To Beast

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Sta pajina so 'l argomento mùxica ła xè soło che n'aboso
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To Beast or Not To Beast l'è on album dei Lordi.

Łista dei tochi[canbia | canbia el còdexe]

  1. We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse) 3:23
  2. I Luv Ugly 3:47
  3. The Riff 3:44 (senzill, 8 de febrer de 2013)
  4. Something Wicked This Way Comes 4:58
  5. I’m The Best 3:15
  6. Horrifiction 3:28
  7. Happy New Fear 4:45
  8. Schizo Doll 4:34
  9. Candy For The Cannibal 4:42
  10. Sincerely With Love 3:14
  11. SCG6: Otus’ Butcher Clinic 3:23