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This module is a data table used by function "list" of module:itemgroup.
It contains "values" associated with a ["my group"] that actually gives "name" to the value.
It allows templates to avoid using "constant values" within the code, 
allowing platform-level customization of template operation.
For example: a default value, an icon name, or a value that must be met in a condition, 
can be changed without having to modify the template code, if its value is outsourced within this table. 

To avoid conflicts with the same name (["my group"]) used in different templates, 
the list of ["my group"] ↔ values, is grouped within several ["mytable"]s 

The name assigned to ["mytable"] and ["my group"] is free, but is determined by the template's use. 

local data = {

--["mytable"] = {
--	["mygroup"] = {'Qid1', 'Qid2'},

-- tables and groups, edit below
["infobox organisation"] = {
	["WL_grup_humans"] = {'Q16334295/Q14073567/Q16979650/Q13417114/'},
	["WL_edifici"] = {'Q411761', 'Q55488', 'Q483110', 'Q7540126', 'Q16560', 'Q644371', 'Q1021645'}

-- Values used in template:Infotaula esdeveniment
["IBevent"] = {
	["img_event"]    = {'Simpleicons Business calendar-with-a-clock-time-tools.svg'},  --  title default icon used in /formatglobal
	["default_color_map_1"]     = {'#339933'},       -- default color for participant 1 in bi-lateral relationship 
	["default_color_map_2"]     = {'#E08020'},       -- default color for participant 2 in bi-lateral relationship 
	["bilateral_relation"] = {'Q15221623'},  --  Qid for bilateral_relation
	["WM_list"] = {'Q13406463'},  --  Qid for Wikimedia list
	["title_above"] = {'title'},  --  What is the top line for article name
	["str_end_date_format"] = {'dmy'},  -- kind of range date for {{FormatData_inici_fi}}. Use NONE to show full format in both
	["hurricane_et_al"]    = {'Q18650988', 'Q63106470', 'Q63106482', 'Q63170811', 'Q3157041', 'Q63106520', 
		'Q63170831', 'Q63171248', 'Q63100559', 'Q63108234', 'Q16172167', 'Q63183653', 'Q63100584', 'Q63100595', 
		'Q63183392', 'Q63182478', 'Q63183687', 'Q63100601', 'Q63100611', 'Q15941028', 'Q63183538', 'Q63182937', 
		'Q63183721', 'Q11069306', 'Q63106574', 'Q11069306', 'Q63183636', 'Q140588'}	-- blacklist  in ', 'infobox event


-- Values used in template:infobox elections and its subtemplates
["IBelection"] = {
	["is_group_elections"]	= {'Q76853179'},  -- Qid for P31=group elections. whitelist in /prepare + /type_election
	["is_referendum"]		= {'Q43109'},     -- Qid for P31=referendum.      whitelist in /prepare + /type_election 
	["is_round_elections"]	= {'Q24097670'},  -- Qid for P31=round_elections. whitelist in /prepare + /type_election 
	["is_ballot"]			= {'Q905151'},	  -- Qid for P18 +qualif.P180 (allowed images) = default: ballot image.  in /core
	["is_electoral_result"] = {'Q19571328'},  -- Qid for P1846 +qualif.P180 (allowed map/draw for electoral result image). in /core 
	["is_election_campaign"] = {'Q11642595'}, -- Qid for qualif. for P2047=election campaign. whitelist in /moment 
	["is_investit_appointm"] = {'Q1318578', 'Q167407'}, -- Qid for qualif.P1536=investiture or appointment in /core
	["yes_in_referendum"]  	= {'Q41216873', 'Q231043', 'Q24759380'},	-- whitelist in /core 
	["no_in_referendum"]    = {'Q41216897', 'Q19358049', 'Q24759450'},	-- whitelist in /core
	["basicbarcolor"] = {'#C0C0C0'},       -- bar of candidate votes in /showblocks
	["roundcolor_1"]  = {'#6fc0f2'},       -- bar of participation in /showblocks + election/
	["roundcolor_2"]  = {'#ff7f0e'},       -- bar of participation in round 2 in /showblocks + election/
	["id_position1"]  = {'A'},             -- letter or sign for 1st round in infobox election/
	["id_position2"]  = {'B'},             -- letter or sign for 2n  round in infobox election/
	["yes_color"]     = {'#68ff79'},       -- bar of "yes" option for referendum in /prepare 
	["not_color"]     = {'#FF7D6F'},       -- bar of "no" option for referendum in /prepare 
	["img_electorate"] = {'Community Noun project 2280.svg'},         -- icon in /showblocks
	["img_voter"]     = {'Q189760 noun 84860 ccReJeanSoo vote.svg'},  -- icon in /showblocks
	["img_valid"]     = {'Ballot Box Silhouette OK-green.svg'},       -- icon in /showblocks
	["img_blank"]     = {'Ballot_box-Blank.svg'},                     -- icon in /showblocks
	["img_void"]      = {'Ballot Box Silhouette null-red.svg'},       -- icon in /showblocks
	["img_winner"]    = {'Gnome-bookmark-new2.svg'}                   -- icon in /showblocks

-- end of tables, do not edit below
return data
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