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This module is a data table used by function "group" of module:itemgroup.

It contains a list of "values" associated with a ["my group"], 
 which will be returned if the Qid in {{{item|}}} matches any of the values in the list. 
It allows templates to simulate a multivalue "if" or "switch" asking by the ["my group"],
 instead having the Qid target within code. In fact, it sinonimize different Qid to be processed in the same way.
It allows platform-level customization of template operation.

To have different collections of series linked to one (["my group"]), them may be gather under ["mytable"] subtable. 
When invoked, the value of {{{item|}}} is searched within all ["mytable"] values
 and returns the corresponding ["my group"], or null if none match. 

The name assigned to ["mytable"] and ["my group"] is free, but is determined by the template's use. 

DO NOT TRANSLATE. Text value are keywords for template not to show !!

local data = {

--["mytable"] = {
--	["mygroup"] = {'Qid1', 'Qid2'},

-- tables and groups, edit below

-- Values used in template infobox elections and its subtemplates
["IBelection_yesorno"] = {
	["yes_in_referendum"]	= {'Q41216873', 'Q231043', 'Q24759380'},	-- /prepare
	["no_in_referendum"]	= {'Q41216897', 'Q19358049', 'Q24759450'}	-- /prepare
["IBelection_type_election"] = {
        	-- <!--direct --><!-- indirect --> <!-- first-past-the-post -->
	["direct"]		 = {'Q1196727', 'Q877353', 'Q5557375', 'direct', 'direto',  'direta','directa', 'indirect'},
	["two_rounds"] 	 = {'Q615255', 'two_rounds', 'two rounds', 'dues rondes', 'dues voltes','do volte', 'dos rondas'},
	["proportional"] = {'Q31764', 'proportional', 'proporcional','proporsionałe'},  -- party-list proportional representation
	["referendum"] 	 = {'Q43109', 'referendum'},    
	["limited"] 	 = {'Q3786779', 'limited'},      --vot limitat
	["double"]		 = {'double', 'dópio', 'double election', 'doble', 'doble elecció', 'dópia ełesion', 'doble elección'}

-- Values used in template infobox event 

["IBevent_Storm_color"] = {
    -- Color for tropical storms background depending on category 
       -- 5ebaff (blue): Tropical depression
	["5ebaff"]		 = {'Q18650988', 'Q63106470', 'Q63106482', 'Q63170811'},
       -- ccffff (light blue): severe tropical storm
	["ccffff"]	= {'Q11069306', 'Q63106574', 'Q11069306', 'Q63183636'},
       -- 00faf4 (cyan): Tropical storm / cyclone cat 1
	["00faf4"]	= {'Q3157041', 'Q63106520', 'Q63170831', 'Q63171248'},
       -- ffffcc (lemon): hurricane cat 1 / trop.cyclone / cyclone cat 3
	["ffffcc"]	= {'Q63100559', 'Q63108234', 'Q16172167', 'Q63183653'},  
       -- ffe775 (golden): hurricane cat 2 /cyclone sever
	["ffe775"]	= {'Q63100584'},    
       -- ffc140 (orange): hurricane cat 3 / cyclone sever cat 4 /
	["ffc140"]	= {'Q63100595', 'Q63183392', 'Q63182478', 'Q63183687'},   
       -- ff8f20 (brown): hurricane cat 4 / typhoon cat 4
	["ff8f20"]	= {'Q63100601'},      
       -- fdaf9a (coral): typhoon
	["fdaf9a"]	= {'Q140588'},      
       -- ff6060 (salmon): Category 5
	["ff6060"]	= {'Q63100611', 'Q15941028', 'Q63183538', 'Q63182937', 'Q63183721'}

-- Values used in template infobox organisation 

["infobox organisation"] = {
	["esport"]  = {'Q847017','Q4438121'},
	["edifici"] = {'Q411761', 'Q55488', 'Q483110', 'Q7540126', 'Q16560', 'Q644371', 'Q1021645'}


-- end of tables, do not edit below
return data
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