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Infotaula de personaMartin Landau
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Nasimento(en) Martin James Landau Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata
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Martin Landau (20 de zugno 1928) el xe on ator merican.

Filmografia[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Film[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło
1959 Pork Chop Hill Lieutenant Marshall
North by Northwest Leonard
Gazebo, The The Gazebo The Duke
1962 Stagecoach to Dancers' Rock Dade Coleman
1963 Cleopatra Rufio
Decision at Midnight Nils
1965 Greatest Story Ever Told, The The Greatest Story Ever Told Caiaphas
Hallelujah Trail, The The Hallelujah Trail Chief Walks-Stooped-Over
1966 Nevada Smith Jesse Coe
1970 Operation Snafu Joe Mellone
They Call Me Mister Tibbs! Logan Sharpe
1971 A Town Called Bastard The Colonel
1972 Black Gunn Capelli
1976 Strange Shadows in an Empty Room Dr. George Tracer
1979 Last Word, The The Last Word Captain Garrity
Meteor Major General Adlon
1980 Without Warning Fred "Sarge" Dobbs
Return, The The Return Niles Buchanan
1982 Alone in the Dark Byron "Preacher" Sutcliff
1983 The Being Garson Jones
Trial by Terror
1984 Access Code Agency Head
1985 Treasure Island Old Captain
1987 Sweet Revenge Cicero
Empire State Chuck
Cyclone Bosarian
Delta Fever Bud
W.A.R.: Women Against Rape Judge Shaw
1988 Real Bullets Sallini
Run If You Can Curt Malvani
Tucker: The Man and His Dream Abe Karatz
1989 Paint It Black Daniel Lambert
Crimes and Misdemeanors Judah Rosenthal
1991 Firehead Admiral Pendleton
1992 Mistress Jack Roth
1993 No Place to Hide Frank McCoy
Eye of the Stranger Mayor Howard Bains
Sliver Alex Parsons
1994 Time Is Money Mac
Intersection Neal
Ed Wood Bela Lugosi
1996 City Hall Judge Walter Stern
Adventures of Pinocchio, The The Adventures of Pinocchio Geppetto
Elevator, The The Elevator Roy Tilden
1997 B*A*P*S Mr. Donald Blakemore
Legend of the Spirit Dog Storyteller
1998 X-Files, The The X-Files Alvin Kurtzweil, MD
Rounders Abe Petrovsky
1999 EDtv Al
Joyriders, The The Joyriders Gordon Trout
New Adventures of Pinocchio, The The New Adventures of Pinocchio Geppetto
Sleepy Hollow Peter Van Garrett
Carlo's Wake Carlo Torello
2000 Ready to Rumble Sal Bandini
Very Mean Men Mr. White
Shiner Frank Spedding
2001 Majestic, The The Majestic Harry Trimble
2003 Hollywood Homicide Jerry Duran
The Commission Senator Richard Russell
Wake Older Sebastian Riven
2004 Aryan Couple, The The Aryan Couple Joseph Krauzenberg
2005 Film Trix eło steso
2006 Love Made Easy Don Farinelli, Sr.
An Existential Affair The Wedding Doctor
2008 David & Fatima Rabbi Schmulic
Lovely, Still Robert Malone
Harrison Montgomery Harrison Montgomery
City of Ember Sul
Billy: The Early Years Older Charles Templeton
2009 9 2
Remembering Nigel eło steso
2010 Ivory Leon Spencer
Finding Grandma Doc Fin
2011 Mysteria Hotel Manager
2012 Frankenweenie Mr. Rzykruski
2015 Entourage Bob Ryan
Remembering Nigel
Remember Max Rosenbaum
2016 The Red Maple Leaf Bernard Florence
2017 The Last Poker Game Dr. Abe Mandelbaum
Without Ward Ward
2019 Love, Antosha eło steso

Tełevixion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Notasion
1957 Harbormaster First Mate Epixòdio: "Sanctuary"
1958 Lawman Bob Ford Epixòdio: "The Outcast"
Sugarfoot Jim Kelly Epixòdio: "The Ghost"
Gunsmoke Thorp Epixòdio: "The Patsy"
1959 The Lawless Years Silva Epixòdio: "Lucky Silva"
The Twilight Zone Dan Hotaling Epixòdio: "Mr. Denton on Doomsday"
Johnny Staccato Jerry Lindstrom Epixòdio: "Murder for Credit"
Tales of Wells Fargo Doc Holliday Epixòdio: "Doc Holliday"
1960 Tate John Chess Epixòdio: "Tigrero"
Johnny Ringo Wes Tymon Epixòdio: "The Derelict"
The Islanders Arnie Epixòdio: "Duel of Strangers"
Adventures in Paradise Sackett Epixòdio: "Nightmare on Nakupa"
Wagon Train Preacher Epixòdio: "The Cathy Eckhart Story"
1961 Adventures in Paradise Miller Epixòdio: "Mr. Flotsam"
Bonanza Emeliano Epixòdio: "The Gift"
The Rifleman Miguel Epixòdio: "The Vaqueros"
The Tall Man Francisco Epixòdio: "Dark Moment"
The Law and Mr. Jones Epixòdio: "Lincoln"
The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor Vince Treynor Epixòdio: "Shadow of His Brother"
1962 The Tall Man Father Gueschim Epixòdio: "The Black Robe"
1963 The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters Cochio Epixòdio: "The Day of the Killer"
Mr. Novak Victor Rand Epixòdio: "Pay the Two Dollars"
The Outer Limits Andro Epixòdio: "The Man Who Was Never Born"
1964 The Defenders Dr. Daniel Orren Epixòdio: "The Secret"
The Greatest Show on Earth Mario de Mona Epixòdio: "The Night the Monkey Died"
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Lawyer Epixòdio: "Second Verdict"
The Outer Limits Richard Bellero Epixòdio: "The Bellero Shield"
The Twilight Zone Major Ivan Kuchenko Epixòdio: "The Jeopardy Room"
The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre Nelson Orion Television film
1965 Mr. Novak Robert Coolidge Epixòdio: "Enter a Strange Animal"
A Man Called Shenandoah Jace Miller Epixòdio: "The Locket"
I Spy Danny Preston Epixòdio: "Danny Was a Million Laughs"[1]
The Big Valley Mariano Montoya Epixòdio: "The Way to Kill a Killer"
1966 Branded Edwin Booth Epixòdio: "This Stage of Fools"
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Count Zark Epixòdio: "The Bat Cave Affair"
Gunsmoke Britton Epixòdio: "The Goldtakers"
1966–1969 Mission: Impossible Rollin Hand 76 epixodi
1969 Get Smart Max's new face Epixòdio: "Pheasant Under Glass"
1972 Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol Johnny Bristol
1973 Columbo Dexter Paris / Norman Paris Epixòdio: "Double Shock"
1975–1977 Space: 1999 Commander John Koenig 47 epixodi
1979 The Fall of the House of Usher Roderick Usher Film TV
The Death of Ocean View Park Tom Flood
1981 The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island J.J. Pierson
1983 Matt Houston Marquis Duval Sr. Epixòdio: "The Hunted"
Hotel Russell Slocum Epixòdio: "Confrontations"
1984 Buffalo Bill Hayden Stone Epixòdio: "Company Ink"
Murder, She Wrote Al Drake Epixòdio: "Birds of a Feather"
1985 The Twilight Zone William Cooper-Janes Epixòdio: "The Beacon"
1986 Kung Fu: The Movie John Martin Perkins III
Blacke's Magic Broderick Epixòdio: "Last Flight from Moscow"
1987 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Wallace Garrison Epixòdio: "The Final Twist"
The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman Lyle Stenning
1989 The Neon Empire Max Loeb
1990 Max and Helen Simon Wiesenthal
By Dawn's Early Light President of the United States
1992 Legacy of Lies Abraham Resnick
1993 12:01 Dr. Thadius Moxley
1995–1996 Spider-Man The Scorpion / Mac Gargan voxe, 4 epixodi
1995 Joseph Jacob
1999 Bonanno: A Godfather's Story Joseph Bonanno (age 94)
2000 In the Beginning Abraham 2 epixodi
2001 Haven Papa Gruber
2002 Corsairs
2004–2009 Without a Trace Frank Malone
2006 The Evidence Dr. Sol Gold 8 epixodi
2006–2008 Entourage Bob Ryan
2009 In Plain Sight Joseph Thomas/Joseph Tancredi Epixòdio: "Training Video"
2011 The Simpsons The Great Raymondo voxe, Epixòdio: "The Great Simpsina"
2011 Have a Little Faith Rabbi Albert Lewis Film tv
2013 The Anna Nicole Story J. Howard Marshall II
2014 Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs Rulon Jeffs

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