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Nasimènto(en) Allen Kelsey Grammer Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata
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Charlotte Amalie (Ìzołe Vèrzeni statunitensi) (it) Traduzi Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata
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PareFrank Allen Grammer (en) Traduzi Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata

IMDB: nm0001288

Allocine: 53452

Rottentomatoes: celebrity/kelseygrammar

Allmovie: p28139

TCM: 351776
Metacritic: person/kelsey-grammer people/kelsey-grammer

IBDB: 74304

Facebook place: MrKelseyGrammer
Twitter: KelseyGrammer

Souncloud: kelsey-grammer
Spotify: 3GKxKd2D1EybXwKgXb0iPp

iTunes: 155915893
Last fm: Kelsey+Grammer
Musicbrainz: 10048cb0-3961-407d-8588-50fd75a01799

Discogs: 923886

Allmusic: mn0000769187

Allen Kelsey Grammer (Charlotte Amalie (U.S. Virgin Islands), 21 de febraro 1955) el xe un ator statunitènse.

Biografia[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

El nase a Charlotte Amalie, inte el U.S. Virgin Islands, el 21 de febraro 1955.

Filmografia[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Film[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Notasion
1992 Galaxies Are Colliding Peter
1995 Runaway Brain Dr. Frankenollie voxe, curtometrajo
1996 Down Periscope Tom Dodge
1997 Anastasia Vladimir voxe
1998 The Real Howard Spitz Howard Spitz
The Pentagon Wars General Partridge
1999 Standing on Fishes Verk
Bartok the Magnificent Zozi voxe
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Narrator
Toy Story 2 Stinky Pete the Prospector voxe
2001 15 Minutes Robert Hawkins
Just Visiting Narrator no credità
God Lives Underwater: Fame Robert Hawkins curtometrajo
2003 The Big Empty Agent Banks
Barbie of Swan Lake Rothbart voxe
2004 Teacher's Pet Dr. Ivan Krank voxe
2005 The Good Humor Man Mr. Skibness
2006 Even Money Detective Brunner
X-Men: The Last Stand Dr. McCoy / Beast
2008 Swing Vote President Andrew Boone
An American Carol Patton
2009 Middle Men Frank Griffin
Fame Mr. Martin Cranston
2010 Crazy on the Outside Frank
2011 I Don't Know How She Does It Clark Cooper
2013 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Tin Man voxe
2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past Dr. McCoy / Beast no credità cameo
Think Like a Man Too Lee Fox
The Expendables 3 Bonaparte
Transformers: Age of Extinction Harold Attinger
Reach Me Angelo AldoBrandini
Breaking the Bank Charles Bunbury
2015 Entourage Himself Cameo
Best of Enemies William F. Buckley Voice; Documentary
2016 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Shelby's Dad Cameo
Storks Hunter voxe
2017 Bunyan and Babe The Amazing Blackstone
Norman Blandsford
2018 Guardians of the Tomb Mason
Like Father Harry Hamilton
2019 Grand Isle Detective Jones
2020 Money Plane Darius Emmanuel Grouch
The God Committee Dr. Andre Boxer Post-produsion

Tełevixion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Notasion
1979 Ryan's Hope Waiter No credità; epixòdio: "#1.1051"
1982 Another World Head Paramedic epixòdio: "#1.4498"
1982 Macbeth Lennox
1983 Kennedy Stephen Smith 5 epixodi
1984 Kate & Allie David Hamill epixòdio: "Allie's First Date"
George Washington Lieutenant Stewart 1 epixòdio
1984–93 Cheers Dr. Frasier Crane 203 epixodi
1986 Crossings Craig Lawson 2 epixodi
1987 You Are the Jury Stuart Cooper epixòdio: "The State of Oregan vs. Stanley Manning"
J.J. Starbuck Pierce Morgan epixòdio: "Murder in E Minor"
1988 Mickey's 60th Birthday Dr. Frasier Crane
Dance 'til Dawn Ed Strull
1989 227 Mr. Anderson epixòdio: "For Sale"
Top of the Hill Sconosesto
1990 The Tracey Ullman Show Mr. Brenna epixòdio: "Maria and the Mister"
The Magical World of Disney Dr. Frasier Crane epixòdio: "Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Celebration"
The Earth Day Special
1990–2020 The Simpsons Sideshow Bob voxe; 22 epixodi
1991 Baby Talk Russell epixòdio: "One Night with Elliot"
1991–98 Saturday Night Live Himself 3 epixodi
òspito (2 epixodi)
Cameo (epixòdio: "Kirstie Alley/Tom Petty")
1992 Wings Dr. Frasier Crane epixòdio: "Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes"
Star Trek: The Next Generation Capt. Morgan Bateson epixòdio: "Cause and Effect"
1993 Roc Detective Rush epixòdio: "To Love and Die on Emerson Street (Part 2)"
Appointment for a Killing Ron McNally
1993–2004 Frasier Dr. Frasier Crane 263 epixodi
1994 The Innocent Det. Frank Barlow
1995 Biography George Washington epixòdio: "Benedict Arnold: Triumph and Treason"
1996 London Suite Sydney Nichols
1997 Fired Up Tom Whitman 2 epixodi
1998 The Pentagon Wars General Partridge
Just Shoot Me! Narrator voxe; epixòdio: "How the Finch Stole Christmas"
1999 Animal Farm Snowball
2000 Stark Raving Mad Professor Tuttle epixòdio: "The Grade"
2001 The Sports Pages Howard Greene
2002 Mr. St. Nick Nick St. Nicholas
2003 Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor George Washington
Becker Rick Cooper epixòdio: "But I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet"
2003 Gary the Rat Gary Andrews voxe; 13 epixodi
2004 A Christmas Carol: The Musical Ebenezer Scrooge
Sesame Street Himself 1 epixòdio
2005 The Sketch Show Various characters 6 epixodi
2006 Medium Bob Sherman
Angel of Death
epixòdio: "Death Takes a Policy"
2007–08 Back to You Chuck Darling 17 epixodi
2009–10 Hank Hank Pryor 10 epixodi
2010 The Troop Dr. Cranius Voxe; epixòdio: "Do Not Talk to Dr. Cranius"
2010–12 30 Rock Himself 3 epixodi
2011–12 Boss Mayor Tom Kane 18 epixodi
2014 Partners Allen Braddock 10 epixodi
2015 Killing Jesus King Herod/Narrator
2016 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Himself voxe; epixòdio: "Kimmy Kidnaps Gretchen!"
2016–17 The Last Tycoon Pat Brady 9 epixodi
2016–18 Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia Blinky voxe; 52 epixodi
2017 Modern Family Keifth epixòdio: "Ringmaster Keifth"
Porters Mendel Dolem epixòdio: "#1.1"
2018–19 3Below: Tales of Arcadia Blinky voxe; 2 epixodi
2019 Arrow Narator voxe no credità; epixòdio: "Emerald Archer"[1]
Proven Innocent Gore Bellows 13 epixodi
You're Not a Monster John Seward voxe; 10 epixodi
2020 Carol's Second Act Richard epixòdio: "R.I.P. Dr. Herman"[2]

Teatro[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło
1981 Macbeth Lennox
1982 Othello Michael Cassio
Plenty Codename Lazar
1983 Quartermaine's Terms Mark Sackling
Sunday in the Park with George Young Man on the Bank and soldier
2000 Macbeth Macbeth
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Sweeney Todd
2007 My Fair Lady Professor Henry Higgins
2010–11 La Cage aux Folles Georges
2015–16 Finding Neverland Charles Frohman/Captain Hook
2015–17 The Color Purple produtor
2017 Big Fish Edward Bloom
2019 Man of La Mancha Miguel de Cervantes / Don Quixote
2020 The Boy Friend Lord Brockhurst

Videoxugo[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło voxe
2007 The Simpsons Game Sideshow Bob


Ano Tìtuło Notasion
1996–2004 Frasier 36 epixodi
2001 Neurotic Tendencies
2005 Out of Practice 2 epixodi
2006 My Ex Life
2007 Everybody Hates Chris epixòdio: "Everybody Hates the Last Day"
2009 Hank 2 epixodi
Alligator Point
2014 Partners 2 epixodi


Ano Tìtuło Contribusion Notasion
1993–2004 Frasier produtor executivo 262 epixodi
1994 The Innocent
1995 Kelsey Grammer Salutes Jack Benny
1997–1998 Fired Up 28 epixodi
2000–2008 Girlfriends 172 epixodi
2001 Neurotic Tendencies
2002–2003 In-Laws 15 epixodi
2003 Gary the Rat 12 epixodi
Alligator Point
2004 The Soluna Project
2005 The Good Humor Man
Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show 6 epixodi
World Cup Comedy 6 epixodi
2005–2011 Medium 129 epixodi
2006–2009 The Game 64 epixodi
2007 Dash 4 Cash
2007–2008 Back to You 17 epixodi
2009–2010 Hank 6 epixodi
2010 The Kelsey Grammer Bill Zucker Comedy Hour produtor
2011–2012 Boss produtor executivo 18 epixodi
2014 Partners 10 epixodi
2018 Light as a Feather 13 epixodi

Notasion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

  1. Chancellor Agard, Arrow epixòdio 150 is shot like a documentary about the Green, January 19, 2019.
  2. Kelsey Grammer To Appear In ‘Carol’s Second Act’ Season 1 Finale, Will Recur If the Patricia Heaton CBS Series Is Renewed For Season entrada il May 18, 2020.

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