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    Rename of User:Computer to User:タチコマ robot[canbia el còdaxe]

    Please rename my bot account. I own both accounts. -- Cat chi? 13:23, 26 luj 2008 (UTC)

    done--Nick1915 - dime quel che te vołi 11:38, 27 luj 2008 (UTC)
    Also could you please explain me why I am denied a bot flag at Wikipedia:Bot/Elezsion#Computer_.5B_contributi_.5D? -- Cat chi? 12:58, 28 luj 2008 (UTC)

    Re. Bot Block[canbia el còdaxe]

    I don't know. Anyway, now, the problem is gone.--GatoSelvadego 18:52, 6 dis 2011 (CET)Reply[respondi]

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