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Barry Bostwick

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Infotaula de personaBarry Bostwick

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Nome orizenałe(en) Barry Knapp Bostwick Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata
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San Mateo (Całifornia) (it) Traduzi Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata
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IMDB: nm0000960

Allocine: 24603

Allmovie: p7552 people/barry-bostwick

IBDB: 66921

Facebook place: OfficialBarryBostwick

Musicbrainz: acfc12e0-ed7e-4472-9dbf-b69e3c64ef9a

Discogs: 338701

Barry Knapp Bostwick (San Mateo (California), 24 de febraro 1945) xe un ator statunitènse.

Filmografia[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Film[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło
1971 Jennifer on My Mind Minestreło #1
1973 Fantastic Planet Narator
1974 Road Movie Hank
1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Brad Majors
1978 Movie Movie Johnny Danko / Dick Cummings
1982 Megaforce Commander Ace Hunter
1990 The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible Joseph
1993 Eight Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon Garral
Weekend at Bernie's II Arthur Hummel
1994 In the Heat of Passion II: Unfaithful Phillip
1996 The Secret Agent Club Vincent Scarletti
Spy Hard Norm Coleman
2003 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure Thunderbolt
Swing Freddie
2004 The Skulls III Nathan Lloyd
Chestnut: Hero of Central Park Thomas Trundle
2007 Nancy Drew Dashiel Zachary Biedermeyer
Evening Mr. Wittenborn
2021 Hannah Montana: The Movie Mr. Bradley
2010 Miss Nobody Father Grisham
Bedrooms Roger
Moby Dick Captain Ahab
It's a Dog Gone Tale: Destiny's Stand Arlen Hanley
2011 The Selling Father Jimmy
2012 Some Guy Who Kills People Sheriff Walt Fuller
FDR: American Badass! Franklin D. Roosevelt
2013 Finding Joy Alan
Teen Beach Movie Big Poppa
2015 Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival The Watchword
The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power Sorrell Raskov
Home Run Showdown Big Al
2016 The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave Grandpa Longneck
Range 15 President
Three Days in August John
2017 Bigger Fatter Liar Larry Wolf
2018 Incredibles 2 Mayor
Santa Girl Santa Claus
2019 Grand-Daddy Day Care Dynamite Dan North
Undercover Brother 2 The Man
2020 American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules PeePaw

Tełevixion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Notasion
1979 Murder by Natural Causes Gil Weston Film de tełevixion
1979 You Can't Take It With You Anthony Kirby, Jr. Film de tełevixion
1979 Hawaii Five-O Lucas Sandover Epixòdio "Year of the Horse"
1980 Scruples Spider Elliot Television miniseries
1981 Red Flag: The Ultimate Game Maj. Jay Rivers Film de tełevixion
1982 Working Steelworker American Playhouse produsion
1983 Summer Girl Gavin Shelburne Film de tełevixion
1983 An Uncommon Love Mr. Kinser Film de tełevixion
1984 George Washington George Washington Television miniserie
1985 A Woman of Substance Major Paul McGill Television miniserie
1985 Deceptions Grant Roberts Film de tełevixion
1986 George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation President George Washington Film de tełevixion
1986 Betrayed By Innocence Nick DeLeon Film de tełevixion
1987 I'll Take Manhattan Zachary Amberville Television miniserie
1988 War and Remembrance Lieutenant Carter "Lady" Aster Television miniserie
1988 Body of Evidence Mark Dwyer Film de tełevixion
1988 Addicted to His Love Larry Hogan Film de tełevixion
1989 Till We Meet Again Terrence 'Mac' McGuire Television miniserie
1989 Parent Trap III Jeffrey Wyatt Film de tełevixion
1989 Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon Jeffrey Wyatt Film de tełevixion
1990 Challenger Comm. Francis R. Scobee Film de tełevixion
1990 The Great Air Race Roscoe Turner Television miniserie
1992 The Golden Palace Nick DiCarlo Epixòdio "Just a Gigolo"
1993 The Last U-Boat Captain Hawkins Film de tełevixion
1993 Between Love and Hate Justin Conrad Film de tełevixion
1993 Praying Mantis Don McAndrews Film de tełevixion
1994 Once in a Lifetime Dr. Matthew Dane Film de tełevixion
1995 The Secretary Eric Bradford Film de tełevixion
1995 The Return of Hunter Matt Sherry Film de tełevixion
1995 Grace Under Fire Professor Jack Drayson Episode: "Mother & Son & Father Reunion"
1995 High Society Mark Finnegan Episode: "Finnigan's Rainbow"
1995 919 Fifth Avenue Mr. Lawrence Van Degen Film de tełevixion
1996–2002 Spin City Mayor Randall Winston Main Roło, 144 epixodi
1996 A Different Kind of Christmas Frank Mallory Film de tełevixion
1997 Lexx Thodin Epixòdio"I Worship His Shadow"
1998 One Hot Summer Night Art Brooks Film de tełevixion
1998 The New Batman Adventures Irv Kleinman / Bernie Benson Voice Roło, Epixòdio"Mean Seasons"
2003 Scrubs Mr.Randolph Epixòdio"My Dirty Secret"
2004–2007 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Oliver Gates Roło recorente, 5 epixodi
2005 Las Vegas Martin Epixòdio"Down and Dirty"
2005 Cold Case Roy Brigham Anthony Epixòdio"Creatures of the Night"
2007–2012 Phineas and Ferb Grandpa Clyde Flynn Roło recorente, 12 epixodi
2007 Ugly Betty Roger Adams epixodi "Odor in the Court", "Betty Suarez Land"
2007 Love is a Four Letter Word Mr. Harper Film de tełevixion[1]
2008 Depth Charge President Taylor Film de tełevixion
2008 Holiday Baggage Pete Murphy Film de tełevixion
2021 Nip/Tuck Roger Payne Epixòdio"Don Hoberman"
2021 Supernatural The Amazing Jay Epixòdio"Criss Angel is a Douchebag"
2021–2010 'Til Death George Von Stuessen epixodi "Eddie's Book," "The Baby"
2010–2012 Cougar Town Roger Frank Roło recorente (seasons 1–3), 7 epixodi
2010 Glee Tim Stanwick Epixòdio"The Rocky Horror Glee Show" (cameo)
2010 Secrets of the Mountain Henry Beecham Film de tełevixion
2012 Hot in Cleveland Hugh Epixòdio"What's Behind the Door"
2012 The New Normal Marty Sawyer Epixòdio"Pardon Me"
2013 Scandal Fitzgerald "Jerry" Grant II epixodi "A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar", "Everything's Coming Up Mellie"
2013 The Haunting Of himself Epixòdio"The Haunting of Barry Bostwick"
2013 Blast Vegas Sal Film de tełevixion
2013 Masters of Sex Morris Epixòdio"Brave New World"
2013 Teen Beach Movie Big Poppa Disney Channel Original Movie
2013 Psych Roland Armitage Epixòdio"Psych: The Musical"
2014 Enlisted Russell Epixòdio"Vets"
2014 New Girl Harland Cooper Epixòdio"LAXmas"
2015 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Collin Winthrop Epixòdio"The End Game"
2016–2017 Still the King Coy Phisher Roło recorente, 9 epixodi
2016–2018 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce George McCarthy Roło recorente, 6 epixodi
2017 The Great Indoors Mather Epixòdio"The Explorers' Club"
2017 Milo Murphy's Law Clyde Rickenbacker epixodi "A Clockwork Origin" and "The Ticking Clock"
2017 American Housewife Thomas Otto Episode: "Family Secrets"[2]
2017 Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again Bill Haywith Film de tełevixion
2017 Tangled: The Series Doctor St. Croix Voice Roło, Epixòdio"Great Expotations"
2017 Christmas in Mississippi Mr. Kriss Film de tełevixion (Lifetime)
2018 Will & Grace Professor Jerry Wise Epixòdio"Three Wise Men"
2018 Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Altar Bill Haywith Film de tełevixion
2019 Christmas in Louisiana Timothy Winter Film de tełevixion (Lifetime)
2020 The Goldbergs Professor Majors Epixòdio"A 100% True Ghost Story"

Produsion teatrałi[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

1969 Cock-A-Doodle-Dandy Porter, The Cock
1969 Hamlet Ghost, Osric, Player
1970 House of Leather Donny Brook
1971 Soon Kelly
1972 Grease Danny Zuko
1976 They Knew What They Wanted Joe
1977 The Robber Bridegroom Jamie Lockhart
1981 The Pirates of Penzance The Pirate King
1991 Nick & Nora Nick Charles
2014 Camelot Merlyn

Videoxughi[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Notasion
2018 Lego The Incredibles Voxe

Web[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Notasion
2013 Research. Dr. Rust [3]
2015 Murder? Barry Bostwick [4]
2015–2016 Inside the Extras Studio Milt Hamilton 20 epixodi

Notasion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

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