Epixodi de Monster Allergy (seconda stajon)

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Voxe prinsipałe: Monster Allergy.

La seconda stajon de ła serie tełevixiva Monster Allergy ła xe 'ndà in onda inte el 2007 e ła se conpone de 26 epixodi:

  1. Lord of the Witches
  2. A Monster for Two
  3. The Dragon's Awakening
  4. Trust Me!
  5. A Kingdom for Bombolo
  6. The Fall of the Barrymore House
  7. Moog's Revenge
  8. Pirates of the Unicorn
  9. The Snowman
  10. The Island Rebels
  11. Milk and Biscuits
  12. Sinistro's Circus
  13. The Tamers' Tournament
  14. The Invisible Enemy
  15. Blackout
  16. The Great Champion
  17. Pandora's Box
  18. The Potion of Fear
  19. The Rebellion of the Shadows
  20. The Ghosts of the Forest
  21. The Bottomless Pit
  22. Show Must Go On
  23. Brother Vampire
  24. Back Home
  25. The House in the Swamp
  26. The Hundred and First Door
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