Epixodi de Monster Allergy (prima stajon)

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Voxe prinsipałe: Monster Allergy.

La prima stajon de ła serie tełevixiva Monster Allergy ła xe 'ndà in onda inte el 2005 e ła se conpone de 26 epixodi:

  1. House of Monsters
  2. Monster Pod Under Oldmill
  3. Cat In The Pot
  4. The Monster Next Door
  5. The Pyramid of the Invulnerable
  6. Magnacat
  7. Pirates Hideout
  8. Terror in the Deep
  9. Canned Monsters
  10. Zick Vs. Zick
  11. The Ancient Armory
  12. Witches Village
  13. Mugalak!
  14. Family Reunion
  15. Claws
  16. Bewitched Party
  17. The Return of Magnacat
  18. The General Inspector
  19. The Haunted Skyscraper
  20. Shoes for Bombo
  21. The Skeleton Army
  22. The Secret Door
  23. The Devourer
  24. The Last Tamer
  25. The Great Escape
  26. The Horn of Kong
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