William Sanderson

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William Sanderson
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SitadinansaStati Unii de ła Mèrica
Nasimento10 de zenaro 1944, Memphis
MorteCànbia el vałor in Wikidata
Perìodo atività1976 Cànbia el vałor in Wikidata –
    • ator
    • ator de tełevixion
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    • ator de teatro
Educà a
  • Università di Memphis
  • Central High School
Sito ufisiałe
IMDB: nm0761836 Allocine: 23690 Allmovie: p62980 TV.com: people/william-sanderson
Facebook place: officialwilliamsandersonfanpage Instagram: actor_william_sanderson

William Sanderson (Memphis (Tennessee), 10 de genaro 1944) xe un ator statunitènse.

Filmografia[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Note
1977 Fight for Your Life Jessie Lee Kane
1977 Proof of the Man Gun Dealer
1978 Blue Nude Guy in Next Cell No credità
1979 The Onion Field Young Con
1979 Savage Weekend Otis
1980 Coal Miner's Daughter Lee Dollarhide
1980 Seed of Innocence Randy Webb
1981 Death Hunt Ned Warren
1981 Raggedy Man Calvin
1982 The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez Cowboy
1982 Blade Runner J.F. Sebastian
1983 Lone Wolf McQuade Snow
1983 Nightmares Gas Station Attendant No credità
1984 City Heat Lonnie Ash
1985 Fletch Jim Swarthout
1986 Black Moon Rising Tyke Thayden
1987 Last Man Standing Casper
1987 Dead Aim Brennan
1989 Thunderground Ratman
1989 Deadly Weapon Reverend Smith
1990 Mirror, Mirror Mr. Veze
1991 The Giant of Thunder Mountain Percey Crow
1991 The Rocketeer Skeets
1993 Skeeter Gordon Perry
1993 Man's Best Friend Ray
1994 Mirror, Mirror II: Raven Dance Roger
1994 The Client Wally Boxx
1994 Wagons East Zeke
1995 Hologram Man Manny
1995 Phoenix Miro
1996 Last Man Standing Joe Monday
1996 Forest Warrior Paul Carpio
1996 The Utilizer Leek
1997 Critics and Other Freaks Chef Bernie
1999 Nice Guys Sleep Alone Rufus
2000 Stanley's Gig Stanley Myer
2000 Stageghost Jack Butler
2001 Dying on the Edge Tommy
2002 Monkey Love Bradley Chalmers
2002 Never Get Outta the Boat Clarence
2003 Gods and Generals Gen. A. P. Hill
2003 The Low Budget Time Machine The Prospector
2004 Promised Land Clark
2004 Avatar Riley
2005 Wit's End Jedediah Cross
2006 Disappearances Rat Kinneson
2006 Beyond the Wall of Sleep Joe Slaader
2006 The Treasure of Painted Forest Paul
2008 Pretty Ugly People Sam
2014 A Merry Friggin' Christmas Father Juge
2018 The Griddle House Gus

Tełevixion[canbia | canbia el còdaxe]

Ano Tìtuło Roło Note
1976 The Other Side of Victory Sconosesto film de TV
1979 Starsky & Hutch Weirdo Epixòdio: "Starsky vs. Hutch"
1980 Scared Straight! Another Story Harlan film de TV
1980 The Dukes of Hazzard Russ Collins Epixòdio: "Mrs. Roscoe P. Coltrane"
1980–1981 Palmerstown, U.S.A. Merwin Noon / Henry Redmond 2 epixodi
1981 Walking Tall Stacy Epixòdio: "The Protectors of the People"
1982–1990 Newhart Larry 91 epixodi
1982 Bret Maverick Kenneth Broomick Epixòdio: "Hallie"
1982 Quincy, M.E. Willie McCracken Epixòdio: "Guns Don't Die"
1982 The Executioner's Song Gibbs film de TV; uncredited
1982 Knight Rider The Rev Epixòdio: "Trust Doesn't Rust"
1983 Who Will Love My Children? Cleve Shelby film de TV
1983 It Takes Two Earl Epixòdio: "Instinct"
1983 Women of San Quentin Countee film de TV
1985 Streets of Justice Weasel film de TV
1986 The Defiant Ones Mason film de TV
1986 Dalton: Code of Vengeance II Bobby Fuller film de TV
1987 The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains Trump film de TV
1988 The Twilight Zone Norman Blane Epixòdio: "The Call"
1989 Lonesome Dove Lippy Jones Minisèrie; 4 epixodi
1991 Sometimes They Come Back Carl Mueller (age 44) film de TV
1991 Married... with Children Cousin Eb Epixòdio: "Buck Has a Belly Ache"
1992 Dangerous Curves Bobby Havens Epixòdio: "Auld Lang Syne"
1992 Mann & Machine Dr. William Unzer Epixòdio: "Cold, Cold Heart"
1992 The Young Riders Emmett Barnett Epixòdio: "The Debt"
1992–1994 Batman: The Animated Series Dr. Karl Rossum (voxe) 4 epixodi
1993 Sirens Male Store Owner Epixòdio: "Keeping the Peace"
1993 Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times Sconosesto Epixòdio: "The Smink Brothers"
1993 Return to Lonesome Dove Lippy Jones Miniseries; 4 epixodi
1994 Matlock Mickey Sanders Epixòdio: "The Crook"
1994 Babylon 5 Deuce Epixòdio: "Grail"
1994 The X-Files Edward Funsch Epixòdio: "Blood"
1995 Siringo Tully film de TV
1995 The Marshal Philbrick Epixòdio: "The Heartbreak Kid"
1995 Santo Bugito Clem (voxe) Epixòdio: "My Name Is Revenge"
1995–1997 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Various voxes 2 epixodi
1996 Andersonville Munn film de TV
1996 The Pretender Roy Abbot Epixòdio: "Every Picture Tells a Story"
1996 ER Mr. Percy Epixòdio: "No Brain, No Gain"
1996–1999 Jumanji Professor J.S. Ibsen (voxe) 14 epixodi
1996–2001 Walker, Texas Ranger Will Stanton / Mayor 3 epixodi
1997 Coach Jesse / Larry 3 epixodi
1997 George Wallace T.Y. Odum film de TV
1997 Cow and Chicken Cowboy (voxe) Epixòdio: "School Bully/Time Machine"
1997 George and Leo Sconosesto Epixòdio: "The Cameo Epixòdio"
1998 The Practice Mr. Simmons Epixòdio: "Rhyme and Reason"
1998 Babylon 5: Thirdspace Deuce film de TV
1998 Maximum Bob Dicky Crowe 5 epixodi
1998 The Angry Beavers Ditto Otto / Clerk (voxe) Epixòdio: "If You Insisters/Alley Oops!"
1999 L.A. Heat The Monk Epixòdio: "The Monk"
2000 Miracle on the Mountain: The Kincaid Family Story Piłota de ełicòtari film de TV
2000 Resurrection Blvd. Clancy The Illegal Gun Dealer Epixòdio: "Suenos"
2000 Psyko Ferret Stan Veinous (voxe) film de TV
2001 Crossfire Trail Dewey film de TV
2002 Dharma & Greg Mike Epixòdio: "The Tooth Is Out There"
2003 Monte Walsh Skimpy Eagens film de TV
2003 Without a Trace Wally Sykes Epixòdio: "Kam Li"
2004 Monk Joshua Skinner Epixòdio: "Mr. Monk Gets Married"
2004–2006 Deadwood E. B. Farnum 36 epixodi
2007 Life Holt Easley Epixòdio: "What They Saw"
2008–2012 True Blood Sheriff Bud Dearborne 22 epixodi
2009 Lost Oldham Epixòdio: "He's Our You"
2009 Trauma Captain Edward Smith Epixòdio: "Blue Balloon"
2010 Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Jim Epixòdio: "Choices"
2011 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Leonard Keane Epixòdio: "Nighthawk"
2011 Mike & Molly Dennis 2 epixodi
2011 Bar Karma James 12 epixodi
2012 Bones Norbert Mobley Epixòdio: "The Family in the Feud"
2013 Bravest Warriors Alien Perkalus (voxe) Epixòdio: "Mexican Touchdown"
2019 American Gods The Bookkeeper Epixòdio: "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
2019 Deadwood: The Movie E. B. Farnum film de TV

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