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  • 17:19, 10 giu 2011 dif stor +1 489 N Utente:CocuPagina creà co '{{Babel|{{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}-0|no|nn|sv-2|da-2|en-2|de-1|es-1}} <div style="align: left; padding: 1em; border: solid 2px #6495ed; background-color: #E0eeff;"> <center><big>Hi! I am ...'
  • 18:36, 9 giu 2011 dif stor +398 N Utente:CocuBotPagina creà co ''''This bot belongs to Cocu from the Norwegian Wikipedia'''<br /> It uses standard pywikipedia for adding interwiki links in the main and...'