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Sentence in Venetian I hope it's right... "Dao che Dio gà tanto amà el mondo, che gà al so unigenito fiol, al fin che chisesìa creda in lù, no'l mora, ma gabia vita eterna". --Enrico (msj) 23:55, 7 set 2017 (CEST)

Venetian[canbia el còdexe]

Thannks, you're welcome ! Yes Venetian is musical, and once in 1500 was spoken like English nowadays by merchants of all Europe, and Americans came to Venice and takung their inspiration for their Constitution. As hobby I am trying to make a multi-language dictionary, with some languages including English and Venetian as first language... Once perhaps I will be writing something on English wikipedia. --Enrico (msj) 18:47, 8 set 2017 (CEST)