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prima roba saria da cavar el testo inglese, se xè 'na wikipedia veneta. e dopo, lesendo, beh me par propio copià da qualche altra parte, ma i me mezi no me gà dito gnente: gavè trovà qualcossa voialtri?
anca s'el resta in tea cronologia, eo taco qua soto....--jo 19:40, 8 Dicembre 2005 (UTC)


Remarks about the dialect

El maletàn is the dialect spoken in Malé (Val di Sole, Trentino, Italy),belonging to the family of solàndro idioms, so that it can be easily understood everywhere in Val di Sole, but having its own peculiarities.

The fact that Val di Sole was inhabited in pre-Roman age can be deducted from the analysis of some thoponyms (nouns of villages with suffix –as). The geographical spread of thoponyms would induce to think to a colonization from east, by gallic and/or raethic populations. Roman colonization is demonstrated by some praedial nouns (nouns with suffix –ana, -ano, -aga and -ago). The ways of comunication were: the passo del Tonale with val Camonica; Campiglio with val Rendena; the passo delle Palade with Vinshgau. The analysis of pronunciation rules in different places leads to classify the dialect of the high Val di Sole as an alpine-lombard dialect, with ladin origins, and the dialect of lower Val di Sole as an anaunic dialect. Malé is just at the boundary of the two zones.


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